Ella Baché Horsham

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Our professional massage staff can tailor a massage,

Ear Candling

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A holistic treatment which clears out the sinuses and gives a feeling of wellbeing. The heat of the ear candle draws out blockages and impurties leaving you feeling relaxed and balanced. Also assists with insomnia, snoring, sinus and hearing problems.

Indian Head Massage

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This ancient art has been practiced in India for 4000 years. It heightens your senses, relieves tension and stress, comforts and rebalances energy flows, eliminated muscle tension and stimulates circulations in the scalp, neck and shoulders.

Hot Stone Massage

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Le stone therapy is an ancient natural therapy dating back thousand of years. This effective and enjoyable massage commences with the placement of rocks on the body's energy points. The hand crafted rocks, coated in aromatic oil, glide over tense muscles giving instant relief. Assists in the elimination of toxins leaving you feeling relaxed, balanced and grounded. Regular treatments will deliver the vitality and energy you deserve.

Anti Stress Massage

30 Minutes

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This is the perfect treatment to get rid of stress-related tension. Let us loosen tight muscles and soreness and increase circulation in your neck, shoulders and lower back area.

Swedish Goddess Body Massage

1 Hour

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Sixty minutes of pure heaven, relax away all of life’s tension and soothe your aching muscles to help restore balance and vitality to your life.

Prenatal Massage

1 hour

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A wonderfully relaxing massage to nurture and relax the whole body, releiving aches and pains that aise during pregnancy. -*To be carried out only after the first trimester.

Aromatherapy Massage

1 hor 15 minutes

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Let us fuss over you and design a recipe just for you. Essential oils will help rejuvenate your body, refresh your spirits and strengthen vital energies