Ella Baché Horsham

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Our Therapists


Emily Shillington

Emily is one of our diploma trained therapist with a passion for Massage. Emily strives to make each of her clients feel amazing, she is more than happy to take on any new clients and help out with any questions.

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Gabriella Da Ros

Proud Owner Gabriella combines 25 years experience in the beauty industry and with this knowledge she has created a luxuirious & beautiful envirnoment at Ella Bache Horsham, she prides herself on being truly dedicated to bringing city standards to the country. Gabrilella specialises in Cosmetic Tattooing, Electrolisis and Skin Diagnosis.

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Hannah Mellington

Hannah is our Salon Manager with the Ella Bache Horsham team she is also our head therapist and salon trainer. Hannah is always to happy to help in any way and make your experience at Ella Bache Horsham something special.

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Shinea Holland

Shinea is an extremely skilled beauty therapist with years of experience under her belt. Shinea is highly recommended in all treatments especially Eye Lash extensions.

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Virginia Stanton

Virginia is one of our diploma trained therapist with the kindest personality and nature, she is very bubbly and loves making her clients feel amazing. she is more than happy to take on any new clients and help out with any questions.

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